Muscle Monster Energy Drink


Monster Beverage Corporation has announced their latest product innovation: an energy drink that packs a protein punch. Muscle Monster Energy Drink is set to launch in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee flavors that boast 25 grams of protein per can.  

Source: energyfiend

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Liquor stores: small-retail model


While small retailers get pushed out in many industries, the State of Colorado has been home to small, individually owned liquor stores since Prohibition.  While some states have seen the rise of major liquor store chains, Colorado is home to 1,650 independent stores which employ over 10,000 residents

Source: Colorado Springs Business Journal

Non-alcoholic drinks: Five hot beverage innovations in hospitality



Big Hospitality takes a look at 5 hot beverage trends to watch, pointing to morning drinks, healthier hot drinks, and premium drinks to accompany premium foods, as categories that are prime for growth.


Source: Big Hospitality 

Coca-Cola puts fizz, flavor in new Glaceau water



Coca-Cola is introducing a new line of zero-calorie, carbonated, fruit-flavored waters called "Fruitwater" on April 1st. The new product will be sweetened using splenda instead of stevia.


Source: MSN

BinWise, Inc. Named Preferred Restaurant Technology Software by Wine Enthusiast



BinWise, the leading cloud-based software company managing restaurant beverage programs, has announced a partnership with Wine Enthusiast Companies, the prominent New York City-based multi-channel marketer, to increase awareness of the technology available to the restaurant industry.


Source: PR Newswire

Formerly banned liquor, absinthe, now brewing in Seattle suburbs


Pacific Distillery of Woodinville, WA, is using locally sourced wormwood along with green anise and fennel to brew up some of the tastiest absinthe around. While not all Americans have a taste for the unique flavor just yet, a spoonful of sugar certainly helps the 124-proof medicine go down.  

Source: My Northwest 





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