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Dear Colleague,


It’s time to change this thing we call “digital marketing”.


As the digital, mobile, and social media realms continue their transformation from new frontiers to critical components of any successful campaign, one thing has become quite clear:


This is no longer digital, mobile, or social media marketing - this IS marketing. 


Gone are the days of siloing our efforts and still hoping to deliver a consistent message that inspires action.  Where we go from here will forever depend on our ability to see and understand the complete picture of the integrated marketing landscape.


With that in mind, eBev 2014 strives to deliver a consistent message of its own. Integrated marketing propels sales!  Our passion, our creativity, our late nights and long hours - they’re all about winning over the consumer and driving sales.  And eBev 2014 promises to never lose sight of that simple but profound notion.


With presentations from the industry's finest marketers focused on driving business results, as well as input from the leading agencies and technology platforms, eBev 2014 is truly an all-inclusive forum for sharing wisdom, fostering business relationships, and building for the future.

Hope to see you in Atlanta!




Alex and Seth





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